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Crafting For Nerds


Last year, I decided to get back into cross stitching. I can’t really name any specific reason why, other than the fact that I wanted to feel artistic or crafty in one way or another. Admittedly, I have never been a good visual artist. My art has always been with words. I can’t draw, paint, knit, sew or any number of those things. Trust me, I’ve tried.

The only visually artistic or crafty thing I could do well was cross stitch. I used to do it quite a bit when I was a kid, and I remembered enjoying it a lot. However, there was one problem with it: It was boring. The designs, I mean.

I remember making a cloth napkin with a cornucopia in the corner, as well as a multicolored butterfly. While they were pretty, they were incredibly boring. I mean, there’s only so many times a person can cross-stitch a rose or picture of Elvis.

Or whatever the heck this thing is.

Upon perusing the Internet a bit, I was pleasantly surprised to discover something pretty awesome. Turns out that cross stitching was not only gaining a new crafty following, but it was one I could definitely get into: nerd crafting.

There’s been a huge increase in nerd-based cross stitching designs and patterns. I’ve seen cross stitch products about Super Mario Bros., Final Fantasy, South Park, Star Wars, Futurama and many others. It’s become a growing community of cross stitchers who utilize an 8-bit style to create fun and unique designs that are totally nerd friendly.

The design featured at the top of this blog is based off a pattern by Dork Stitch about British comedy “The IT Crowd.” It was actually stitched by yours truly as a present for my sister and her husband. I’m currently working on a design based off the characters from Star Trek: DS9, made by *black-lupin. I made one of his previous designs, a Captain Picard, as a Christmas present for my boyfriend last year. Needless to say, it was a big hit!

For all of those who are proud to be nerds, there are many different types of ways to be expressive, artistic and crafty. Finding the one that best suits you is key to ensuring you have a hobby you actually look forward to doing at any time of the day.

For those looking for inspiration, I recommend checking out my new Pinterest board, Nerd Crafting. It’ll be filled with nerd-inspired handiwork suitable for any up-and-coming nerd crafter.

Craft on, everybody. Craft on.

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