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#mm : Costa Concordia captain’s hand in cookie jar



The tragedy of the Costs Concordia is something we all know quite a bit about by now. Enough time has gone by, and enough of a body count has gone up, that people are now trying to figure out exactly what went wrong.

Of course, many fingers are pointing at the ship’s captain, Franceso Schittino, who appears to have made a mistake or two in how carelessly he approached his job. Hey, we’ve all been there, for the most part. In reality, another day on the job is another day on the job. Surgeons may treat one bypass surgery like the next, police officers may joke about criminals, and every bartender has at least three birthdays/bachelorette parties per night. Even a cruise captain, who is constantly at sea, may get sloppy because of the sheer repetition of his job. And it appears this captain’s sloppiness claimed at least 13 lives so far, with a few more unaccounted for.

Although this loss of life is tragic and terrible, I wouldn’t be grabbing my pitchfork against the captain had it been a mistake he took responsibility for. That’s the most mature thing to do.

No, I’m adamantly upset with this man because he has decided to refuse any wrongdoing related to the accident. And he expects us to agree with him.

He was too close to the Italian coastline, but he maintains he wasn’t. He performed an illegal maneuver, but claims it was because the ship company told him to do it. He crashed the ship into the coast, but he says it was because he was distracted by the ship’s passengers. He abandoned ship while there were still passengers on board, but he claims he tripped and fell into a lifeboat.

Capt. Schettino has made the fatal mistake of being without fault. It doesn’t matter whether or not he believes it himself, but rather that he expects us to. This man is a perfect example of a child who caught his or her hand caught in the cookie jar, but said it got stuck there when he was reaching behind it for an apple.

The best thing for Capt. Schettino to do would be to fess up, take responsibility and apologize for his wrongdoings. The longer he keeps up this holy charade, the more sharpened our pitchforks will get.

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  1. Krista Clarke permalink
    24/01/2012 01:23

    Great OPED piece. I agree with your ideas. I always have to remember that we are not the ultimate one to judge him…he will get his time when he greets the pearly gates. RIP to the ones that lost their lives in this tragedy.

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