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style sunday: winter wear



Trying to keep warm in a cold city is challenging, especially for a California girl whose recent winters have included t-shirts and shorts! But right now this Cali lady is spending the New Year on the East Coast, and I’ve got a few tricks to help stay warm AND stylish:

1. Sub the hoodie for a cable knit sweater, especially a brightly colored one that will make your outfit pop. It’ll be even warmer, and better fitting. Avoid lumpy, oversized sweaters if, like me, you aren’t supermodel skinny.
2. Wear fleece-lined or thermal leggings. Way warmer than tights, but they don’t sacrifice the look.
3. Wear a tight hat only when you absolutely have to. Instant bad hair day!
4. Learn different ways to knot a scarf; you can make several looks from just one.
5. Touchscreen gloves are the new It thing for winter. You no longer have to take your gloves off to text or take a photo. You can find them at regular stores like Target or Macy’s, or grab some conductive thread from Etsy and sew it into the fingers yourself.
6. Thick socks. Just saying.

But no matter where or what temp, make sure your style is you. Just because I’m in Phila doesn’t mean I’m a Philly … I’m a California Gurl, baby! And proud of it. Happy New Year 2012, everyone!


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