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viva la vie francaise


photo courtesy of Jose Alfredo Sanchez

Last night I was feeling a little restless following a great rehearsal for the Moliere play I’m in, so play co-star and photographer Jose Alfredo Sanchez joined me for a little homemade dinner and, of course, a delicious bottle of vino. The wine of choice? Why, French of course!

2006 Saint Andre de Figuiere Cotes de Provence ($12.99, K&B Wine Shop), a so-called “cuvee signature de Valerie,” was a tasty white blend that automatically called to both of us. The heavenly little cherub on the label, the clean white and gold trim, the fact that it was French!

We were feeling a little “Viva la Vie Francaise!” that night.

The color on this wine is light and golden, akin to a Sauvignon Blanc, but without the slight greenish tint that S.B.’s tend to get sometimes. The nose has very strong citrus, with orange zest and lemon carrying through. There were also traces of rainwater and river rocks, with just the slightest bit on sage upon a very deep inhalation. The mouth was rather enjoyable. Although it was a little too noticeable that this wine had been made in steel tanks, instead of barreled in oak, the wine was light and fruity with a lush acidity that filled the mouth rather than drain it. The lemon and orange were still there, especially on the finish, along with a tart finish of unripened mango.

We enjoyed this wine with a little supper of sauteed potatoes, basil, fresh squeezed lemon juice (2 wedges worth), asparagus and cherry heirloom tomatoes (thrown in right at the end to heat up whole), topped with a delicious feta cheese. The pairing went really well together; it was simple but delicious, and the flavors did not conflict with one another.

This wine was a definite winner – not the best vino to grace my table, but still enjoyable enough to warrant a second glass.

photo courtesy of Jose Alfredo Sanchez

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