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life through your eyes: austin bice


Over the past few years blogging has become a very important part of my life. Sharing my views, ideas and life with the world has been a constantly rewarding experience. In addition, my past year at San Diego State University has provided me with a venue/place/lifestyle I can be proud of. I was always extremely jaded about the whole “university” thing, where people would become attached to their school. Well, now I can officially say with genuine intent that I am a proud Aztec … for Life.

So it gives me great sorrow to announce that Austin Bice, an SDSU student and fellow Aztec, was found dead in a river yesterday in Madrid, where he was studying abroad. Although I had never met Austin, as a fellow Aztec I can truly say that I feel for his loss. There was a candlelit vigil last night at school, where we all shared together the sadness of his passing.

And as a blogger I was shocked to find that Austin had been keeping an online blog of his adventures in Madrid. I read through a few of his blog entries and, honestly, it was moving. He was so vibrant, excited and … well … alive that it was nearly impossible to think that he is no longer with us. It’s a look into someone’s life in a deep, moving and honest way. Gives us all an opportunity to share in Austin’s memory. People have even been commenting on his blog in honor of his passing.

I would recommend any SDSU student or alumni to go to his blog and read a few entries. Post a comment. Show your support for an SDSU student who should still be with us today.

Aztec for Life.

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  1. 08/03/2011 20:52

    Oh my gosh, how awful! Thanks for sharing about his blog, though. It’s a nice way to keep his memory alive.

  2. Jainomo permalink
    11/03/2011 17:11

    It’s very moving. Thanks for the warm thoughts, Stevie.

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