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music to my ears


i’m tuning with my teeth … it’d be totally punk rock if i wasn’t sporting a lacy floral shirt and an acoustic guitar


I’ve been inspired recently to work on my music. I feel like I need more creativity in my life, and music has always been a wonderful way for me to express myself. I’ve always loved creating music with my sisters. However, my older sister Christine who is interested in working on some new material with me is, sadly, several hundred miles away. We’re working on creative methods to help us “jam” together through the internet. Sending .mp4 files of new song ideas, jamming live on iChat so we can share song ideas. I’m hoping this merge of creativity and technology works out well. If anyone has any helpful suggestions to help us along in this experimental venture, I welcome your ideas.

What better way to celebrate my musical desires than by opening a bottle of 2007 Stanza Petite Sirah from Lodi ($20, BevMo). A family-owned vineyard in the Lodi Foothills, Stanza is a wine that is made for music lovers … and they know it too. The label itself features an old piece of sheet music … I believe in Italian although it could be Latin for all I know (hey, that language is not my minor!).

The color on this wine is incredibly dark, almost black … a deep, endless midnight ocean. The nose was sweet but smoky, some black licorice, a hint of balsamic with sweet black cherries. The mouth was rich, full and succulent. The kind of wine you can just leave in your mouth without swallowing because the tannins are so mild, leaving the wine rather mouth-watering instead of drying. It begins with smoke, almost with a hint of marinated steak that’s cooking outdoors on a grill. Starts to move into black cherries and dark sweetened plums. Finishes with a touch of rosemary and sea salt.

I easily moved through a few glasses of this by myself without even realizing it, while enjoying a delicious gnocchi dish I whipped up with chantrelle mushrooms and a tomato sauce lightened with creme fraiche. Delicious!

by the way, my bike totally brings all the boys to the yard. and it has a basket.

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  1. 02/03/2011 05:38

    Oooooh, I adore syrahs and petite syrahs. Probably my favorite varietal. I love the spiciness! And as a musician, too, I think I must taste this wine. I’ve been really itching to get back into my music lately also. I play flute and piano, my brother plays guitar, and my mum plays piano. Some of my favorite memories are making music with my family.

    • Jainomo permalink
      03/03/2011 20:54

      I grew up in a musical family too; it’s a great way to bring everybody together. Some of my favorite memories are of making music with my family.

  2. 07/03/2011 15:14

    Musician and wine connoisseur. Renaissance woman? 😉

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