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what are the odds?



So I was bartending tonight at Bencotto Italian Kitchen when I started chatting with an older gentleman sitting by himself at the bar. We start a little friendly banter and the subject turned to wine. He mentioned that he was trained as a sommelier and we started talking about the whole process of becoming a sommelier. Much to my complete surprise, the gentleman I was talking to turned out to be Eddie Osterland, the first American Master Sommelier.

Turns out he’s a local San Diegan, and it was his first time at Bencotto. He ended up staying at the bar for dinner and we talked for awhile about a number of things, including his life as a Master Sommelier. It was really amazing to meet someone so involved in the wine industry, and someone so important to the American sommelier tradition. I’d read about him before but never once imagined that I would meet him … nevertheless completely by accident while bartending at a small restaurant in Little Italy!

Just goes to show to always look your best, be receptive and show absolute kindness. Because you truly never know who you’re going to meet.

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  1. 21/02/2011 19:26

    Wow! That is awesome. 🙂

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