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ciao! ciao! pasta fagioli!


Well the past couple of days have been a little, shall we say, less than pleasant. Valentine’s Day was an expected ‘oh my god I hate the world’ kind of day, thanks to working in a restaurant (which is notorious for sucking big time on V-day) … and luckily it’s over. So I decided to relax the next day with some delicious Italian food at Arrivederci in the Hillcrest region of San Diego with a tasty bottle of 2008 Raina Sagrantino di Montefalco ($54.95). It’s an Italian red blend of Sangiovese and Merlot from Umbria, which is in the dead center of Italy. The region is perhaps best known for producing strong white wines that are about as close as any Italian white would be to a California Chardonnay … but I had never yet tried a red wine from the region before.

The color on the wine was a deep red violet, a very sensual and powerful color. I was immediately intrigued. The nose carried heavy notes of red ripened raspberries and earth, starting with a tinge of warmed honey and finishing with a bit of balsamic and licorice root as the nose carried through. It was an interesting combination and I was curious to find out what exactly this wine would taste like.

Let me tell you, upon the first sip … this wine was tannic! It immediately began with some youthful tannins that stole a majority of the saliva from my palate and left me a teensy bit breathless. As the wine adjusted to my shocked palate, there were strong notes of red cherry and those delicious tart raspberries. The earth carried through into the taste, along with some strong and noticeable cinnamon. As the wine finished it tasted like I was enjoying cherries doused in raw, unsweetened cinnamon.

Overall this wine was very tasty. I easily enjoyed half the bottle by myself, since most of my companions had had a few hours of pre-drinking before I came along and were a bit, shall we say, loosy goosy. I would definitely recommend enjoying a bottle of this with friends and some rich Italian pasta. It’s a strong wine, it deserves a strong meal.

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  1. Juwlz permalink
    17/02/2011 00:26

    nice to see you writing again 😉

  2. Jainomo permalink
    17/02/2011 00:40

    Thanks Juwlz … that means a lot :).

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