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wine blogger of the week – the wine … um, *gulp*

So this week’s wine blogger is Randy Watson, a.k.a the Wine Whore. Based out of Tampa, FL, the Wine Whore (God, I’m hope my mom’s not reading … sorry Mom, that’s actually his blog name!) has turned the basic idea of wine blogging into a full-time job, complete with (nearly) daily posts, merchandise and other little goodies including both a wine blog and a food blog written by a friend of his, Todd Sweeney. The layout of his blog is pretty impressive, especially because he’s using the Blogger program … although there are a few too many ads on there for my taste ;). Anyway, I enjoy reading his blog because he makes wine accessible, which not a lot of bloggers do. If you haven’t checked out his wine blog yet, I would definitely recommend you do. It’s a good read! 
If you want to be my featured wine blogger of the week, here’s how you do it … um, just ask! If I haven’t seen your blog before I will definitely check it out, and if I like what I see (and how could I possibly not?) I will make you my featured wine blogger of the week. 
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  1. 18/03/2010 17:02

    And here I've been calling myself the Wine Whore all this time..gonna have to add a TM to that now! hahaI'm getting a wine fridge tomorrow, can't hold my excitement 🙂

  2. 18/03/2010 17:26

    Congrats on the fridge! Just don't keep it TOO cold :).

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