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OFFICIAL: new web site!


It’s SUPER-DUPER-AWESOME OFFICIAL, everybody: I am now the proud owner of a Web site! Well, at least the domain, to start :). But until I learn how to use Flash and make a really cool site (taking a class next semester at college), the web address will automatically send you here. Here it is (da-da-da!):


Like it? I was originally gonna go with, but I really wanted a .com, for some reason. And since was taken (don’t ask me why, I have no idea, it’s not even being used … i.e. someone’s parking on it for some stupid reason), I put a ‘the’ in front and presto! Be sure to update your blog feed / link site / human memory!

Sorry I haven’t done any wine posts this week. It’s final rehearsal week for my dance performances at school so I haven’t been drinking any alcohol. Trying to keep my body clean and healthy for the shows this weekend. I’ll let you know how they go!

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  1. The Wine Whore permalink
    10/12/2009 01:56


    I know how big of a step something like this can be… Cheers!

    Now the question is, what bottle of wine are you opening to celebrate?

  2. Stevie permalink
    10/12/2009 04:41

    Yay!!! My Google Reader has been updated 🙂

  3. Jainomo permalink
    10/12/2009 18:49

    Hey Wine … Um … Whore (still feel awkward saying that!). I’ll be celebrating Sunday night, probably with my bottle of dessert blush I’ve been holding onto. But not before, bc I’m keeping my body clean for this weekend of dance performances :).

  4. Jainomo permalink
    10/12/2009 18:50

    Awesome Stevie!!

  5. Ashley permalink
    16/12/2009 14:09

    Congrats on the website! I was so excited when I got mine.

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