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moving up!


Hey everybody, just wanted to let you know that in approximately 12 hours, this blog will be host to its own domain name:! Hopefully this will lead to a fully independent Web site in the future, but for now it’s just gonna link to this one. I don’t have the software yet to make my own and I didn’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee to have some hosting site do it for me. Making baby steps, people! One day at a time. I’ll let you know when it’s fully operational.

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  1. Stevie permalink
    29/11/2009 22:58

    Awesome! Good for you! Keep us all posted. 🙂

  2. The Wine Whore permalink
    30/11/2009 14:47

    Congrats! Lemme know if you need any help! 🙂


  3. ZinfanGirl permalink
    01/12/2009 01:55

    Yay! I am in a similar boat, looking forward to sharing success stories as we become blog-publishing experts! 🙂

  4. Jainomo permalink
    10/12/2009 18:52

    Thanks everybody!

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