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will work for wine


Me at work today for the Monterey wine escape weekend. Some photographers from wine mags and blogs took photos of me, inspiring an impromptu photo session with 3 or more phoographers having me pose and shooting me like a model! Was exciting. I’ll try and find one of the pics.
Tomorrow I get to go to the finals at the Clement hotel. Should be exciting. Will post for sure!!

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  1. The Wine Whore permalink
    15/11/2009 18:53

    Very cool! Looking forward to more pics! 🙂


  2. Sequoiagrapeboy permalink
    17/11/2009 16:30

    You Rocked that apron Beth!

    What were your favs from the finale?

  3. Jainomo permalink
    21/11/2009 17:22

    Thanks … um … The Wine Whore? Is it okay to call you that? Feels so dirty ;).

  4. Jainomo permalink
    21/11/2009 17:23

    Thanks Rich! I think my favorites were the 2008 Loredone Pinot Grigio and the non-vintage McIntyre ‘L’homme qui ris’ Sparkling Wine. And Heller, of course!

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