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j’ai soif

Last night, to celebrating my best being in town from FL (and her new baby!) we went out to a wine and tapas restaurant in Santa Cruz called Soif. It’s all organic, right down to every taste of wine. We enjoyed some fantastic (and one okay) wines, including a Chardonnay from Chablis, France which has a soft mineral taste with hints of light citrus … a great Old World Chardonnay. There was also an Austrian Red Blend that tasted remarkably of black pepper with a fatty yet smooth texture and a Tempranillo/Granciano from Rioja that tasted WAY too much of black liquorice. Wasn’t able to finish off that one. 
I also had a Sparkling Pinot Noir to cap off the night – that was delicious and completely enjoyable. I definitely recommend trying sparkling blush wines if you want to try something unique. 
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